Conditions of Hire


• shall not sub-let


• will be responsible for the supervision and care of contents and the behaviour of all persons using the premises.


• should note that the careful use of Blu Tack is preferred, please refrain from using Sellotape on the walls.


• shall be responsible for leaving the premises and surrounds in a clean and tidy condition. Any contents temporarily removed from

their usual positions must be properly replaced, otherwise a charge may be made. A SECURITY DEPOSIT will be retained should any damage or loss occur.


• must ensure all internal and external doors are locked when leaving the premises,in order to validate the insurance.


If THE HIRER wishes to cancel the booking before the date of the event, the agreed deposit is non-refundable.

NOISE LIMITING EQUIPMENT–has been installed. Should the music become too loud the equipment (which is situated on the wall facing the stage) will flash a warning –if the noise level isn’t reduced the electricity supply will cut out.

PIR LIGHTING–The stairway, chair and table store room and toilet lights are controlled by PIR on and off. They are currently set to 10 minutes to allow time to leave the area. Please turn all other lights off (i.e. in Main Hall, Small Hall and Kitchen) when you leave the building.


NO SMOKING–It is against the law to smoke in these premises. Smoke activates the alarm system to summon the Fire Brigade. Please refrain from using smoke or dry ice machines at parties.


BOUNCY CASTLES-are not permitted due to low ceilings.


BALLOON CYLINDERS–The hirer MUST take away these cylinders when leaving the hall and not leave them in our refuse bins.


REFUSE -can be put in the large container located at the side of the premises (by the library).


DOGS-shall not be brought into the hall (guide dogs exempt).


LIQUOR LICENCE–The Management do not hold a liquor licence.

THE MANAGEMENT reserve the right to cancel bookings with notice, should unforeseen circumstances occur.


If the hirer is in any doubt as to the meaning of the above, or for further details, please contact the Booking Secretary:

Mrs Margaret Everitt, 42 Tilstone Close Eton Wick Windsor, SL4 6NG Telephone:  01753 863616


Availability of Keys:   Prior to your hire date, and to access the building on the day of your event, please arrange collection of the keys. 

Contact: Mrs Joan Neighbour 40 Eton Wick Road Eton Wick Windsor SL4 6JL Telephone: 01753 867009


Please ensure the keys are returned on the same day of hire.

The  lift  is  available  for  disabled  use  only.    Large  items, such   as   disco   or   display   equipment,   must   not   be transported in the lift.